How Pass the MBLEx Massage Certification Exam

Finally out of massage therapy school, now you need to take your MBLEx or state exam. Most states now days will let you take the MBLEx that will suffice and meet all requirements necessary to get your massage therapy license. The MBLEx exam is also the better test to take and the most popular test that students prefer to take. My advice is to take the MBLEx as soon as you can, or as soon as you get out of school, whichever comes first. The longer you wait the time that allows your brain to forget all that you have learned.

If by some chance you don’t or can’t take the test right away after completing massage therapy school, I highly recommend you getting a tutor, take a course, or better yet, an online study guide that will help you with the stuff that will be on the MBLex. Don’t think you can take the certification exam without studying. You will waste a lot of money, time, and cause yourself a lot of grief and agony. I have known many people who assume just because they went to massage school that they can pass the test without some kind of refresher course. It simply won’t happen.

The day of the test, be well rested, deep breath and be ready. A good night’s sleep the night before sounds simple but so important. Don’t rush and hurry through the test, simply take your time for there are over 200 questions and no time limit. I have been doing this for over a decade and try to help future or current massage therapist’s a lot of wasted energy, grief, money and time. If you follow my steps and need my program, I guarantee you will pass your massage therapy exam.