Why Buy Educational Toys For My Child?

Maybe the first question that we need to answer is “What is an educational toy?” In my mind an educational toy is that which will teach my child something that is necessary for life. That sounds like a big statement for a toy, but think about it. Don’t you want something that will give your child a head start, or extra confidence, about, oh, I don’t know, spelling words, counting numbers, geography, the world.

Life is difficult, no one has ever said it was easy to get along in this world. Sure, lots of money can make things easier, at times, but in this world we are all equal when we are born. Babies are like little sponges, they learn ‘things’ from the time they are born, as they grow into toddlers, and pre-schoolers. Then along comes school! By the time a child begins Kindergarten, until graduation from 8th, 12th, college and post graduate studies, the majority of his/her time is spent ‘learning’, i.e. being educated. Is it not better to fill a child’s world with toys and games that, along with being fun, teach something. Is it not more fun to watch ants working and interacting in a colony, than, for example, play with a toy gun? I think so!

Why should I buy educational toys for my child? All children want to learn, whether they show it or not. Having educational toys and games available to them helps make learning fun and entertaining, and what is not good about that. Your child will be fascinated to watch tadpoles turn into frogs; see the night sky projected on the ceiling and walls of a room in their very own house; become a candidate running for President of the United States of America; discover great vacation spots while learning about the states and what they have to offer. I could go on an on and on, but I won’t.

The difference between ‘educational toys’ and ‘non-educational toys’ as I see it, is this: Educational games and toys are not only fun and entertaining, but also, make learning fun and interesting, while the ‘non-educational toys’ are just fun. There is a place for both, I guess, but, in my mind I would much rather have my child have fun and learn something too. Don’t you agree?