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Plumbing Courses for a Lucrative Trade

Why is it that academics the world over are trading in their old profession and training to become plumbers? It is a phenomenon that can be seen all over the world as plumbing is becoming a lucrative trade in most countries. The reason for this is a lack or rather shortage of plumbers, pushing demand higher than the current levels of supply. This means plumbers, especially those working for themselves, can be earning up to three times more than college and university leavers, with some earning up to $150,000 per year.

While the money is fantastic plumbing isn’t for everyone. There is a lot to consider and plumbers have to deal with human excrement on a daily basis, from blocked pipes and toilets to working with draining and pipes. It certainly isn’t a glamorous job and you need a strong stomach.

Along with the rise in people training to become plumbers, plumbing training schools have popped up in the thousands eager to capitalize on the opportunity. Retired plumbers or those who have worked in the trade for many years are now hanging up their tools and teaching new recruits on intensive plumbing courses that can see the recruit self-employed and earning in a matter of months in some cases.

Plumbing courses usually come in different manners. There are intensive plumber courses as mentioned above, but there are longer ones which may suit those who wish to learn at a steady pace and aren’t too great at absorbing information in a fast-paced environment. You will still get the full qualifications at the end of it, it will just be easier and less tasking.

If you are looking for plumbing courses then it’s advisable you start learning now to get in the trade as soon as possible and establish yourself in your area as a quality plumber. Trade from family, friends and referrals cannot be under-estimated as good plumbers are hard to find.

Wedding Planning Courses for Beginners

There is no formal requirement for a wedding planner. If you are interested to be a wedding planner, you will need necessary knowledge. Education is important for you to be a good wedding planner. In the courses, you can gain the knowledge and support from other professionals within the industry who may at some point refer you to potential clients.

At wedding planning classes, you will learn the skills needed to organize weddings as a business or for personal enjoyment. The courses are usually offered in a certificate program in wedding, event or meeting planning. The wedding planning certification is important to show that you are a qualified wedding planner.

At first, the students will learn basic concepts of meeting management. It includes how to set an agenda and the terminology used in the industry. A step-by-step plan will be reviewed so that the students can organize a function that focuses on program delivery, room layout, multi-media integration, return on investment, speakers and other topics.

Wedding planning students will get a course to look at the event timeline and budget management. The use and understanding of fashion, styles, color, and ambiance to enhance the event will be also taught for the beginners. Other skills that the students will learn are directing and consulting with clients regarding personal choices in decoration, music, catering, program, entertainment and other areas. The students also experience to work diligently with vendors to make sure product and service delivery, negotiate contracts and resolve issues. Learning negotiations and contracts is important. They will get the usefulness of requests for proposals in hiring appropriate services and get the negotiation techniques, including leveraging, to get the best deal possible.

Besides, the courses cover everything from communication, organization, hospitality, and conflict resolution. The skill to succeed in choosing convention centers, hotels, conference centers and other sites will be included in the course. Through a tour of facilities, students will experience how to identify potential issues and ensure event needs.

In the course, students learn how to efficiently promote an event to reach and attract target audiences. The skill for marketing plan will be also taught. The course will discuss direct mail options, online marketing and other media.

In the management of food, beverage and catering, the students can learn how to put together the appropriate catering theme, menu and service for an event. Moreover, this course explores the specific types of food usually available at large events and the best foods to serve to different crowds of people. The service style which can affect the ambiance of an event becomes the focus of this course. The students learn techniques on how to maximize budgets and manage costs, as well as how to communicate effectively with catering staff.