The Best Holiday Gift Baskets For College Students

Most of us know that the majority of college students have limited funds. With the holiday season approaching, you may find yourself wondering what gift to give to a college student. A holiday gift basket is a perfect gift, whether you make one yourself or order one ready-made. When deciding what should go in your gift basket, consider some things that a college student may need. You can pick a theme for your basket, or mix and match different things. Food is an important part of any college student’s life. Dining plans can be expensive, and not all students are lucky enough to have them. Even buying groceries can be overwhelming when students have to use their funds sparingly. Consider buying food items that are non-perishable for your gift basket.

Fruit, popcorn, snack cakes, crackers or chips would also work well. An added and appreciated bonus, to any gift basket would be a gift card – in this case, one to a grocery store that they frequent. You can choose to have a bath-themed basket, including in it every day items, as well as some luxuries. Shampoo and Conditioner, bath wash, and a loft are a good starting point for your basket. Think about what types of things you could add to make it extra special – maybe a body spray, tooth paste, a new tooth brush? For a girl, a new hair brush, some rubber bands and a small clip are good accompaniments.

How about some slippers, maybe a robe? Some of the most important accessories of college student is their notebooks and something to write with. Another great theme to go with is paper, pens, and the like. Pick up a couple of notebooks, some cool pens, maybe in different colors to place in your basket. Considering the subjects that this student is taking, a new calculator may be something to include, maybe even some graph paper and a pack of highlighters. How about a movie or music themed basket? Throw in a couple of bags of popcorn, a little candy, the latest movie and get creative. For a music basket, get some new “headphones” for their iPod, a few of their favorite CDs, maybe a gift card to download more music to their iPod. Of course, there is always the option to buy a gift basket that is pre-made. There are many different kinds to choose some. A classic basket is one of fruit. Other kinds out there are candy or movie themed, others that are full of cookies, crackers, and meat and cheeses. Whether you decide to make a holiday gift basket for a college student or prefer to buy one, keep in mind the things that they need and like, and be creative. There are no limits with a gift like this!